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These Popular Laundry Room Trends Are Taking Over

Long gone are the days when the laundry room was a small space that only contained a washer and dryer hidden somewhere in the house. No longer solely used for washing clothes, laundry rooms have been redesigned to serve as a multi-use, functional room within the home. According to the 2016 U.S. Houzz & Home Survey, inadequate storage was the No. 1 reason why home owners decided to remodel their current laundry rooms.

Today, homebuyers are looking for style, space, and more storage. Modern laundry rooms now often have hidden pullouts, cubbies for shoes, stacked machines, and space-saving bins. Interior designers are even calling the laundry room the “workhouse of the home.”

No matter what you’re looking for in a laundry room, new homes today are reflecting laundry rooms that cater to busier lifestyles and changing demographics.

Here are four modern trends that you can expect to find in laundry rooms today:

1. More Storage

Laundry room designs now include more storage than ever before. Built-in cabinets and coat racks are almost a standard now. The new “normal” for design concepts cater to active lifestyles such as tall locker cabinets for kid’s sports equipment.

2. Pet Palaces

Since pets are a part of the family, laundry rooms are being customized to reflect this fact. Dog doors and leash hangers are becoming increasingly popular. Subtle touches such as room for a dog bed or storage for cat food are showing up more frequently to cater to pet owners looking for a new home.

3. First-floor Location

Instead of being found upstairs, it is becoming more common for laundry rooms to be found on the first floor, often located right off of the garage or behind the kitchen. Many homeowners find that bigger laundry rooms with a place for storage are more convenient for busy lifestyles. This multi-functional room now offers all things storage, play, clean clothes, and more.

4. Design Elements

The laundry room no longer serves as a room worth hiding. Instead, many builders are taking initiative to extend design elements from the home into the laundry room. Standard features now include country sinks, slate floors, granite countertops, and more. Both paneled walls and framed pictures add a homey feel to the room.

No longer delegated as the room that’s solely used for washing clothes, expect to see these trends within the laundry room continue to become more popular as new homes continue to be built. 

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